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Just as Jesus needed to retreat and change His scenery to worship at His best – Sometimes, we too can benefit from getting away for a while to truly focus on God’s words to us and our hearts.

STM High School Youth Ministry offers retreats during the year — some local or on-site, and some offsite destinations. Retreats are some of the most powerful experiences proclaimed by participants and we invite you on a similar journey to grow closer to the Lord.

We also host occasional pilgrimages and we always take groups to World Youth Day.

Journey to Life (JTL)

Friday, November 17–Sunday, November 19

Journey to Life (JTL) is arguably the most powerful retreat you could experience as a high school student through St. Thomas More. If you only go to one retreat, this should be it. With skits, small groups, games, and so much more; there’s never a dull moment. Explore different aspects of your faith and make lifelong friendships. Confession and Mass are provided at our offsite destination. The retreat is offered the first weekend of November.

Peace Hut Work and Pray

Saturday,September 9–Sunday, September 10

Spend quality time in God’s amazing creation on the Eastern Plains of Colorado. For three days, you can experience life in a community and grow closer to God. Serve with your teammates around the retreat area and dive deeper in your faith through prayer, praise and worship, and help from the leadership team.

Steubenville of the Rockies

Friday, June 21–Sunday June 23. Incoming 9th-12th grade.

Steubenville of the Rockies is a Catholic conference retreat with over 2,500 high school youth! The love and person of Christ truly comes alive through an exciting group of speakers, musicians, and presenters. You will get to spend time actually engaging with the Holy Spirit and recognizing the presence of God, understanding the amazing love of Christ in his sacrifice for you, and deepen your relationship with God through the Sacraments as the highlight of the weekend.
If you need strength to continue the journey, and if you are ready to rejoice in the many blessings you have been given by our loving God, this is the place to be if you are just beginning your walk with Christ, 

Located at the DIA Crowne Plaza (about 30 minutes from St. Thomas More).

World Youth Day (WYD)

World Youth Day was created by Pope John Paul II to inspire the youth around the world to follow Christ and live in His teachings. It is held every 2-3 years in different locations around the world. There was even one held in Denver in 1993! This event unites cultures from around the world in one singular event. Meet new people and experience one of the most powerful Catholic youth events you may only experience once in a lifetime!

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