High School Mission Trips

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STM High School Youth Ministry offers mission trip and pilgrimage opportunities through our Alternative Spring or Summer Break program. We have mission trips to introduce our youth to mission and service opportunities. Every year, we serve society in various parts of the world with three mission trips: one local, one regional, and one international.

Inner City Denver - Local

Summer (July). Incoming 9th-12 grade.

A time for spiritual growth, community building, and joyful servanthood.  Christ teaches us to serve one another, especially the poor. We will work at Fr. Woody’s Haven of Hope, Mullen Home (with the Little Sisters of the Poor), and Catholic Charities. This will be an eye-opening weekend – a chance to experience your hometown as you have never seen it before.

Mission Possible - Regional

Spring (select Spring Break). 9th-12 grade.

For a week in Shiprock, New Mexico on a Navajo reservation, you can grow in your faith while also serving the Navajo community. Explore the Shiprock pinnacle and the Four Corners Monument. On this trip, you will make lifelong memories and break out of your comfort zone. You won’t want to miss out on this one!

Alternative Summer Break (ASB) - International

Summer (late July-early August). Upperclassmen grade 11-12.

For two weeks during summer break, STM High School Youth journey outside the country to serve their global neighborhood and build a stronger relationship with Christ. The location for ASB is different every year, and we have traveled places such as Peru, Kenya, Nicaragua, Philippines, Jamaica, and more. This trip is only available to juniors and seniors. With tourist adventures as well as service projects, this is a perfect way to break out of your comfort zone. You will make friendships with your teammates and those you meet internationally that will last a lifetime! Adventures are waiting for you just around the corner—go out and experience them!