High School Youth Ministry presents

Auditions for

“A Man for All Seasons” by Robert Bolt

The play of Sir Thomas More’s life and trial

Looking for high school actors and crew members. No previous experience necessary!

Who is eligible: All high schoolers going into 9th-12th grade in the fall of 2021, of all ethnicities and abilities, are welcome to participate.

Auditions will be held: Saturday, May 1
Callbacks, if needed, will be held: Sunday, May 2
Where: The Catacombs Stage Room
Rehearsal dates: TBA June through August
Performance dates: TBA August and September

What to prepare:
Cast: A one-minute dramatic memorized monologue from a play written by Henrik Ibsen, Anton Chekhov, Moliere, Oscar Wilde, OR choose a monologue from below.

Crew: Send an email to youth@stthomasmore.org with the position(s) you are interested in. If interested in auditioning for an acting role, too, please include that in your email.


Sir Thomas More (male)
Gentle man who is firm in his beliefs. Must have great dramatic and comedic chops.

Alice (female)
Thomas More’s wife. Smart and brave, but does not always understand her husband.

Margaret (female)
Thomas More’s daughter. Intelligent, quiet, and very much like her father.

The Common Man (male or female)
The narrator who plays many small parts. Must have comedic timing.

Cardinal Wolsey (male)
Intelligent with a sense of humor.

Duke of Norfolk (male)
Friend of Thomas More who tries to persuade him to submit to the king.

Will Roper (male)
Margaret’s love interest who thinks his religious views are always right.

Richard Rich (male)
A businessman whose goal is to climb the social ladder, and betrays Thomas More in doing so.

King Henry (male)
A confident, charming, egotistical man who wants Thomas More on his side so he will look better in the public’s eye.

Cromwell (male)
Lawyer who wants to condemn Thomas More

Chapuys (male)
Spanish ambassador of England. Always plotting to get his way.

Chapuys’ Attendant (male or female)
A joyful and observant servant to Chapuys

Archbishop Cranmer (male)
On the judges’ panel for Thomas More’s trial. Views his job as an administrative one, rather than a religious calling.

Women (female)
A selfish woman who tries to bribe Thomas More to get out of a sentence.

Crew Positions:

Assistant Director

Stage Manager

Assistant Stage Manager

Construction crew

Running crew (takes sets on and off)

Props crew

Costumes/makeup crew

Lights crew

Sound crew

If you have any questions, please email youth@stthomasmore.org
Hope to see you soon!
Break a leg!