Mr. Justin Hall

Digital Media Coordinator

Justin grew up in the mid-west with his family.  He has two younger brothers, Travis and Jerad. Justin has been married to his wife Megan for nearly 16 years; and are blessed with a beautiful daughter, Carly (11) – who attends our STM school. Megan works in Financial Crimes in Quality Control. Carly is a budding artist; and is currently training to be on a swim team. Justin’s family has two dogs: A French bulldog puppy named Molly (19 months) and a Coton de Tulear named Buddy (10 years). Justin loves to take Molly on short motorcycle rides around town and take both dogs on hikes in the mountains. His family moved from Omaha, Nebraska to Colorado in 2013 to shorten the commute time to Estes Park and other mountain towns. He says every time they would go on vacation, they would always end up somewhere in Colorado and decided to move here.

Justin received a Bachelors in Business Administration from the University of Nebraska at Omaha; followed by a Masters of Finance from Colorado State University in 2018. He has also completed many certifications in the Digital Marketing space. Currently, Justin owns a Digital Marketing Agency (iWebDesigning, LLC) where he enjoys consulting with small to medium sized businesses helping them to grow their brand and scale their businesses.

Some of Justin’s hobbies include motorcycling, weight lifting, adventure sports, photography, wrenching on motorcycles, ice hockey, and billiards.  Justin loves vacationing and his favorite place to vacation is in Hawaii enjoying water sports and spending quality time with his family. Another of his favorite things to do is entertain family and friends at his house where he does BBQ and watches pay-per-view fights. In the near future, he will be participating in a trail running competition this summer in Fort Carson – a muddy 10 mile obstacle race. In addition, he is involved with our local Knights of Columbus Chapter and helps at the events and keeping their website up-to-date. His favorite part of being involved in the Knights of Columbus is the comradery created while learning about the Bible and the different ways of absorbing and better understanding the stories written.