St. Perpetua

Feast Days: March 7
Time Period: Early third century
Place: Rome
Patronage: unknown

St. Perpetua was a lay-woman, born to a noble family. Her father was pagan but her mother and brothers were Christians. She was a wife and mother of a young son. Perpetua was given various visions, dreams and graces while imprisoned. In one dream she was visited by her brother as he was released from purgatory and he thanked her for her prayers. St. Perpetua was martyred in 203AD at age 22 with her maid, friend, and fellow convert Saint Felicitas during the persecutions of Emperor Septimius Severus. The detailed accounts from Perpetua’s diary and first hand witnesses have provided highly detailed accounts of their persecution and death. In centuries past, their story was so popular that Saint Augustine of Hippo warned against giving it the weight of Scripture. Perpetua is known for her courage, joy and steadfast commitment to her faith.

My prison suddenly became a palace for me, and I would rather have been there than anywhere else.