St. Peregrine Laziosi, Servant of Mary

Feast Days: May 4
Time Period: 1265-1345
Place: Forli Romagna, Italy
Patronage: Cancer Patients, AIDS Patients, Life Threatening Illness Patients

Peregrine Laziosi lived in Forli, Italy which was under a church penalty forbidding the celebration of Mass and the Sacraments. The Pope sent St. Philip Benizi to Forli to preach and to encourage reconciliation with the Church. Peregrine and friends attended the speech, heckled St. Philip and drove him from the pulpit. Peregrine struck St. Philip in the face with his fist. St. Philip did not retaliate but instantly forgave Peregrine. With a softened heart he begged the saint’s forgiveness. As a result, Peregrine no longer associated with his friends and devoted long hours to prayer requesting the Blessed Virgin Mary to show him the way of salvation.

Peregrine developed cancer in his leg and became an object of revulsion. He bore all this with incredible patience. The night before surgery to amputate his leg, Peregrine fell into a trance-like sleep while praying and experienced the Crucified Christ leave the cross and touch and heal his leg.

Go to Siena; there you will find the devout men who call themselves my servants; attach yourself to them.” (Blessed Virgin Mary to St. Peregrine)