St. Pacific of San Severino

Feast Days: September 24
Time Period: 1653 - 1721
Place: Italy
Patronage: unknown

St. Pacific’s parents died shortly after his confirmation at the age of three. He was a serious child with great piety. Raised by a strict uncle, he accepted unwarranted punishment in the spirit of mortification. Pacific entered the Order of Friars Minor at the age of 17 and was ordained a priest at 25. He enjoyed preaching to the poor and uneducated. He searched out the poor shepherds to instruct and guide them. Around the age of 40, St. Pacific suffered lameness, deafness and blindness for 29 years. He became a contemplative and bore his suffering with angelic patience, offering it for the salvation of souls and conversion of sinners. Pacific worked miracles, was favored by God with ecstasies and foretold future events. He excelled in the virtues of patience and meekness.

God wills it, he said in a cheerful way about his illness, and so may His will be done