St. John Vianney

Feast Days: August 4
Time Period: 1786 - 1859
Place: Ars, France
Patronage: Priests, Confessors, Widowers, Difficult marriages

Jean Baptiste Marie Vianney (named after John the Baptist) began his education late in life. He had a poor memory and found it very difficult to understand ideas. Only with the aid of a dear friend and mentor was he able to barely pass his classes and be ordained a Priest. When assigned as pastor to Ars, France, John was greatly upset by the towns people laxity in religious practice. He prayed and mortified his flesh in atonement for their sins, transforming the city of Ars. Accustomed to the most severe austerities, beleaguered by swarms of penitents, and besieged by the devil, this great mystic manifested an imperturbable patience. He was a wonderworker loved by the crowds, but he retained a childlike simplicity, and he remains to this day the living image of the priest after the heart of Christ.

How sweet and full of comfort are the moments spent before the Blessed Sacrament. Are you in trouble? Come and throw yourself at His feet.