St. Jeanne Jugan

Feast Days: August 30
Time Period: 1792-1879
Place: France
Patronage: Elderly

Jeanne and two roommates began taking inpoor, elderly women and caring for them in their apartment. Eventually they drew more people to them who wanted to share the poverty and distress of those they helped and to alleviate their plight. For support, Jeanne devoted herself to begging. Her sincere love of the poor, peaceful temperament, simplicity and humility secured several wealthy benefactors and many friends. Through deceitful actions, Jeanne was removed as Superior of the Order and out of obedience she never dispelled the falsehood. Eleven years after her death the truth became known .From then on Jeanne Jugan would be called “Founder of the Little Sisters of the Poor”

Go and find him when your patience and strength run out and you feel alone and helpless. Jesus is waiting for you in the chapel. . . . don’t worry. . . That you have told God about it is enough. He has a good memory.