St. Gerard Majella

Feast Days: October 16
Time Period: 1726 - 1755
Place: Italy
Patronage: Pregnant women

Summary: St. Gerard spent his life living as Christ-like as possible. After his father’s death when he was 12, St. Gerard began working to support his mother and sisters. When Redemptorist missionaries visited his parish St. Gerard fell head over heels in love with their message and way of life. He begged to be accepted by the order and reluctantly the superior let him join although he felt St. Gerard would be “useless”. He was anything but useless as he took on any job from gardener to cook to clerk. Nothing was menial to him because of his love of God. One of his pleasures in life was to encourage and assist girls wanting to enter the convent. When needed he would secure the necessary dowry for them to be admitted. Through St. Gerard, God was able to work many miracles: levitation, bilocation, raising the dead, multiplication of bread, walking on water, revealing sins and leading people to forgiveness, saving failing crops, healing the sick, predicting people’s deaths and facilitating successful childbirth. This fascinating saint was truly after God’s own heart.

To love everything for God’s sake; to suffer to love God much; always to be united with God; to do all things for much for God. My only business is to do the will of God