St. Clement Maria Hofbauer

Feast Days: March 15
Time Period: 1751-1820
Place: Carthage,. North Africa
Patronage: Vienna, Austria

Clement’s father died when he was six years old. He felt called to the Priesthood but his family was too poor to afford the education. During a pilgrimage to Rome, Clement met a benefactor and joined the Redemptorist Order. Clement saw his life’s work meet with disaster. Religious and political tensions forced him into exile in Poland where he began his ministry again. Someone once pointed out that the followers of the crucified Jesus should see only new possibilities opening up whenever they meet failure. Saint Clement encourages us to follow his example, trusting in the Lord to guide us. St. Clement is known for perseverance and commitment.

To swim with the tide in this case is cowardice, since we have to fight and swim against the tide of this ocean. Whoever wants to shine the light upon the road for this century must ignite his torch in the light of Revelation.