St. Cadoc

Feast Days: September 25
Time Period: 6th Century
Place: Wales
Patronage: Deaf people, Against cramps, Against glandular disorders

Cadoc was the son of King Gwynllwwg in South
Wales. The King stole the cow of the Irish monk, St.
Tathyw (Tathai). When the monk came to demand
the cow’s return, the King surrendered his son to the Saint’s care. As a young man, Cadoc received his habit from St. Tathyw and returned to his native country to build a church at Llancarvan and a monastery and college. Legend states that Cadoc once saved his brother monks from famine by tying a thread to the foot of a well-fed mouse. He then followed the thread to an abandoned, well-stocked, underground granary. Cadoc proselytized throughout Wales and Brittany. He was martyred while serving at Mass.

These are the saints who were victorious in the blood of the Lamb, and in the face of death they did not cling to life; therefore they are reigning with Christ forever. (Rev. 12:11)