St. Ambrose

Feast Days: December 7
Time Period: 339-397
Place: Milan, Italy
Patronage: Learning, Candle makers

During the time of the Arian heresy, Governor Ambrose went to Milan to keep the peace as the Catholics and Arians chose a new bishop. In the crowd a voice called out, “Ambrose for Bishop!” The chant spread. Ambrose, who was not baptized, ran away to avoid the election. He was captured and sent back to Milan and elected bishop. Ambrose was baptized and eight days later consecrated Bishop of Milan. Ambrose immersed himself in the study of scripture and the writings of Church teachers. He modeled voluntary poverty, prayer, kindness and holiness. His door was always opened to the people lined up to receive help and his counsel. He used practical applications to teach Christian truths.

St Monica loved Ambrose as an angel of God who brought her son from his wordly life into a life with Christ. It was Ambrose who placed his hands on the shoulders of Augustine as he descended into the baptismal fountain.

The reason (the wicked are joyous) they who have not signed up to strive for the crown are not required to undergo the labors of the contest. . . Their rest will be in hell, yours in paradise