Blessed Mary of Jesus

Feast Days: September 13
Time Period: 1825-1889
Patronage: unknown

Marywas raised by her paternal grandparents after her father’s death when she was very young. She was accepted for the Carmelite monastery by St. Teresa of Avila who called Mary ‘my letradillo’ (little theologian). As prioress in Toledo Mary guided the monastery with serenity and sweetness. As mistress of novices she formed all the novices to the teaching and example of St. Teresa. Mary suffered with health problems and moral suffering yet she was continually drawn to and absorbed in God. She asked the Lord to grant her something that would make her feel his passion and he gave her a crown of thorns and later on pain in her hands, feet and side. Mary was known for; her peaceful presence, respect for authorities even when falsely accused, her unique holiness and was rich in merits. Her incorrupt body lies in the Toledo Carmel.