A divorce is a legal recognition that there was an existing and valid legal marital contract, which the legal divorce now dissolves. This is different from an annulment or “decree of nullity” from the Church, which certifies that despite the fact that there was a wedding, despite the fact that the parties believed that they were married, and due to various reasons a valid bond never existed. If you are divorced, but want to be free to marry, you must begin the annulment process. This process can seem overwhelming at times, but you will be supported throughout the process by your personal advocate, assigned by the parish. Upon completion of the paperwork, it will be submitted to the tribunal of the Church, who will evaluate your request. If you receive a positive judgement, it will confirm that each individual from the union is free to enter into a valid marriage.  An annulment is needed and must be granted to any individual — Catholic or non-Catholic — that has been previously married in a Church or by a civil authority and is wanting to celebrate the sacrament of marriage in the Catholic Church.

For further questions regarding the annulment process please contact Deacon George Morin at St. Thomas More Catholic Parish at 303.221.9239 or

This ministry is offered to anyone who has been through a divorce and desires an opportunity to understand their experience in the light of faith and to heal from the inevitable wounds that accompany the end of a marriage.