If you have recently lost a loved one please contact the Parish Office at 303.770.1155. If you are calling after hours or on the weekend, when you reach the office phone recording press 3 and you will be directed to the answering service who will contact a priest.

If you have a loved one in danger of death, please call the Parish Office immediately at 303.770.1155 so there is time for a priest to come and administer the anointing of the sick, hear confession and your loved one can receive Holy Communion.

Funeral Masses and Memorials

Through Baptism, a Catholic begins their faith journey with the belief that death is not the end nor does it break the bonds forged in life. Since the Mass is the central source and summit of our faith, Catholic funerals generally include Mass. The Mass is planned to incorporate the wishes of the deceased and provide opportunity for loved ones to reflect. Funerals are normally held at St. Thomas More Parish at 11:00am, Monday through Friday, allowing time for burial after the Mass.

Pre-Planning a Funeral Service

Pre-planning a funeral service ensures the wishes of the deceased are known and lessens the stress on the family when making decisions. The following forms will guide you through the decisions needed to be made for a Catholic funeral service. Funeral Preference I provides a place to record Mortuary contact information, type of service and burial and Church contact information. Funeral Preferences II guides you through decisions for the mortuary. Liturgy Preference is a guide to help select readings and music and ways to include family and friends in the service. There is also lists of Funeral Readings and list of appropriate music for a Catholic service. These are PDF files under the Forms and Documents on the right side of this page.

After the forms are completed, a copy should be filed with St. Thomas More, the executor of your estate and the mortuary if you have pre-planned with them.

If you have any questions when filling out the forms please call Deacon George Morin at 303.221.9239.

Our loved one’s funeral is a time filled with grace.

When a person dies we should mourn their passing but also celebrate the life they lived and reflect our belief in an eternal
life through
Jesus Christ.