My Child Needs:


0-6 years old Infant Baptism – Saint Thomas More Catholic Parish ( 

7+ years old 

1st Reconciliation 

Baptized Catholic and going into 2nd grade 

Baptized Catholic and in 3rd-5th grade 

Baptized Catholic and in 6th-12th grade 

Baptized non-Catholic 

1st Holy Communion and Confirmation 

Baptized Catholic, made 1st Reconciliation and going into 3rd grade 

Baptized Catholic and in 4th-5th grade 

Baptized Catholic and in 6th-12th grade 

Baptized non-Catholic 

Needs to Become Catholic 

For Children 7 Years Not Baptized or Baptized in a Different Christian Faith

Children over the age of seven, who are still unbaptized, can attend classes on Sunday mornings from 9:30–11:00am called RCIC which stands for Rite of Christian Initiation for Children. These classes will prepare the children to receive all of the sacraments of initiation: Baptism, Confirmation, and Eucharist, all at the Easter Vigil Mass. Mass attendance at the 8:30am Mass is also required by families. Contact John Cox at for further details.

  • Must be 7 years or older
  • Has not been Baptized
  • The Child was Baptized in a different Christian denomination
  • Attend weekly 8:30am Mass
  • Attend classes on Sunday from 9:30–11:00am
  • Parents are required to attend RCIA classes (Sundays 9:30–11:00am)

Requirements for all the following Sacramental Prep classes:

  • All sacramental preparation classes are for 2 years 
  • All new parents or parents who have not attend a parent retreat in the last 5 years must attend a retreat for this year: sign up here (create link) 
  • All students are required to attend 80% of the classes for the year 
  • All students are required to go to Sunday Mass weekly with their families, which is determined by student “passports” that will be stamped after Mass 
  • Failure to meet these requirements may delay in your child receiving the sacraments until the following year. 

2nd Grade only: First Reconciliation

Students prepare for their First Reconciliation in second grade.

Prerequisites & Requirements:

  • Must be in 2nd grade.
  • Must have been baptized in the Catholic Church.

To register for First Reconciliation, your child must be registered in one of the following programs:

  • Shepherd’s Promise (Registration Open: April 1-August 18)
  • Catechesis of the Good Shepherd (Registration Open: April 1-August 18)
  • St. Thomas More Catholic Church

3rd Grade Only: First Communion and Confirmation

(First Communion & Confirmation combined) Restored Order begins in third grade where children receive their Confirmation and First Communion at the same Mass.

Prerequisites & Requirements
  • Must be in 3rd grade
  • Must have been baptized in the Catholic Church
  • Received First Reconciliation
  • Must have done a prerequisite year of faith formation (First Reconciliation Year is acceptable)

    Extraordinary Sacrament Preparation (Grades 3–5)

    Children in grades 3–5 who are Baptized in the Catholic Church and are in need of receiving sacraments beginning with First Reconciliation are encouraged to participate in this extraordinary sacrament preparation program. This is a two-year program. The first year the student will receive Reconciliation; and the second year the student receives Confirmation and First Holy Communion.

    Prerequisites & Requirements

    If your child has not made First Reconciliation:

    • Must be in 3rd grade or higher
    • Baptized in the Catholic Faith
    • Attendance of 2 years: 1st year receive First Reconciliation; 2nd year receive Confirmation and 1st Holy Communion.

    If your child has already made First Reconciliation:

    • Must be in 3rd grade or higher
    • Baptized in the Catholic Faith
    • Attendance of 2 years: 1st year Shepherd’s Promise or Catechesis of the Good Shepherd; 2nd Year Extraordinary Sacrament Preparation Class for First Communion/Confirmation

    For Children Who Need One or All of the Following: Grades 6-11

    Teens & pre-teens baptized in the Catholic faith are eligible to register for First Reconciliation, Confirmation, and/or First Holy Communion to be prepared through a 2-year program of catechism classes twice per month, participation once a month in Youth Ministry, and at least one Youth Ministry retreat per year from September-April. Students journey toward the sacrament of Confirmation with the support of their Church, their parents, and their sponsor.

    Prerequisites & Requirements
    • Must attend twice a month student Catechesis classes for 2 years
    • Must attend one (1) Youth Group meetings a month
    • One (1) youth retreat each year