Newborn to 6 Years

Congratulations on the birth of your beautiful baby! Now you have the joy of baptizing your child. We are thrilled to welcome your child into the Catholic Church through the Sacrament of Baptism.

Baptism Process at St. Thomas More

If you would like to schedule a baptism for your child at our parish, please contact our Director of Marriage & Family Life, Sandra Schwab at 303.221.9235 or She will provide you with the necessary forms that need to be completed and returned.. After the forms are completed and received, you will be able to schedule the baptism.

Parents and godparents are required to complete a baptism preparation class, unless they have already taken a class within the last two years, or if they have baptized three children. During the class, parents and godparents will be provided certificates of completion. Once we’ve been assured of their qualifications, godparents who are celebrating a baptism outside of St. Thomas More, will also be provided a signed godparent form.

Family, friends and guests are welcomed and encouraged to attend Baptisms. There is no limit to the number of guests you can invite!

There is a stole fee to celebrate a baptism at St. Thomas More. A Baptismal candle, white Baptismal bib garment, and a certificate of Baptism will be presented to each family at the ceremony.

Baptism Preparation Class Information

A baptism preparation class needs to be attended by both parents and godparents, unless they have already attended a class within the past two years or have baptized three or more children in the Catholic faith. There is no fee for participation.

Childcare is not provided, but children are welcome to attend with parents. Please plan to have activities/snacks/etc. for the child(ren) so they are not a distraction to the instructor or other class participants.

Registration is requested to appropriately plan for materials. Please contact Sandra Schwab at or 303.221.9235 to be added to the list. All participants should arrive about five minutes early.

Classes are held the second Wednesday of each month from 7:00-8:30pm. However, if it falls on a Holiday the class will be offered the following Wednesday. Please contact Sandra to confirm the class date & time.

At the conclusion of the preparation class, a certificate of completion will be issued to each person. Class certificates are valid for two years.

Godparent Information

Godparents must be active and practicing Catholics who are fully initiated in the faith, are in good standing, and if married, did so within the Catholic Church.

To assure their qualification or to complete their forms, godparents should contact Sandra Schwab at 303.221.9235 or

Christian witnesses are men and women who are baptized Christians who want to assist the godparent(s) with formation of the child in the Christian life. Witnesses are not recorded with the Sacrament or on the certificate. In order to qualify, they must be baptized in a non-Catholic, Christian faith. Witnesses are only designated in substitution of one of the godparents.

For information on choosing godparents please read the document “Guidelines for Selecting a Godparent” provided under the Forms & Documents tab on the right.

Permission to Baptize Child in Another Parish

If you are baptizing your child in another parish, please contact Sandra Schwab so she can prepare a letter of permission on your behalf, which will be signed by our pastor, Father Randy Dollins. Families must reside within our boundary or be registered members of St. Thomas More for a letter of permission to be issued.

Please email the following information to Sandra Schwab at

  • Name and address for parish of baptism
  • Celebrant (if known)
  • Date (if known)
  • Child’s name to be baptized
  • Parent’s names
  • Parish Member Number (if known)
  • Please state if you will pick up the letter in the parish office OR if you will have us mail the letter directly to the parish of baptism.

For more information regarding infant baptism and the requirements, please contact Sandra Schwab at 303.221.9235 or

Every child who is baptized is a miracle of the faith and a feast for the family
of God.

Pope Francis