The family is the first school of love and life. It is where we have our first experience of community – learning to pray, share, listen, ask, forgive and sacrifice for one another. We can better understand the love of God, our Heavenly Father, and our Blessed Mother, Mary Queen of Heaven and Earth, through the loving model of our parents on earth. We can also learn how better to love as parents through  the example of God. We learn to be more like Christ, as we study His word and love one another as He loves us. Living in a family prepares us for living in the world, and forms us as whole, healthy and loving Christians.

Unfortunately, today’s families are suffering for many reasons, but with the love and mercy of God, we the Church can walk alongside these families, allowing them to experience the same living water shared by Christ. We are inspired to be a light to the world in our communities and our own families. With the strength of the Holy Spirit, families truly become missionary disciples to their neighbors and friends, demonstrating the reality of the Kingdom of God. To be Christ-centered, families must inspire one another to become holy.

The mission for the Office of Marriage & Family Life is to grow the domestic church through the following:

  • Forming couples for Sacrament of Marriage
  • Enriching their marital union through presentations and retreats
  • Guiding parents in their roles as the first educators through the Sacrament of Baptism
  • Nourishing the importance of small communities to help us grow in faith with the Lord
  • Providing support and skills to families to help them model the Holy Family in the world
  • Weaving the thread of discipleship through all we do so it becomes part of the fabric of our parish

The future of the world and of the Church passes through the family – St. Pope John Paul II
Consortio, #75).