What is Fortnight for Freedom?

Each year dioceses around the country arrange special events to highlight the importance of defending religious freedom. The Fortnight for Freedom is from June 21—the vigil of the Feasts of St. John Fisher and St. Thomas More—to July 4, Independence Day.

How to Talk about Religious Freedom

Religious freedom has become one of the major focal points in America today. The Catholic Tradition contributes to understand the issue, respect all people, and work to clear up misunderstandings.

Religious freedom is a fundamental right meaning the government cannot coerce a group or people into something that goes against their conscience. Religious freedom is important to all not just for the people of faith.

Religious freedom allows for groups to practice their faith and serve others. Religious disputes arise when religious organizations are expected to sacrifice any aspects of their faith in order to continue serving others in the community. When faith groups go against their conscience they undermine the mission of the ministry. Religious Organization needs space to do their common good in society.

When we engage in conversation as Catholics, people want to know what we think. It’s good to represent the Church and the beauty of her teachings; it’s even better when we internalize those teachings and reflect on our own experiences and reasons for caring about religious freedom.