Raising teens is challenging. They have minds of a child and consequences of an adult. These critical years as a parent can be exhausting. Societal pressures, desires of the teen and FOMO take over. Reflecting on the Prodigal Son in scripture can provide us some wisdom and guidance to be ready and to go forward.

In today’s episode we are talking about gratefulness. It is both humbling and healing to reflect on the many things that have made an impact on our lives. It is also an incredible experience to reflect on gratefulness in times of tribulation. Listen in to our conversation and reflect on your personal gratefulness today.

For many Catholics, June can be a challenging month. Gay pride messages are saturated everywhere you look. What do you say to your children? How do we respond? What is God calling us to do? Listen in as we review the Catechism and share practical tips and resources to help you navigate.

What a treat! Today we are joined by Fr John Ludanha, a missionary priest from Africa. Some often struggle with God’s Plan. It might not be something we wanted or desired, but in the end, we see the beautiful plan our Father in Heaven has orchestrated for us. As Fr John shares his story, you will identify the twists and turns he experienced. Perhaps you can relate? Listen in and share it with others who might be struggling today.

Today we are joined by a special guest – Dr. Susan Selner-Wright. She is helping us to navigate the sensitivity around gender ideology. Susan dissects the Christian viewpoint as well as provides information about a website resource we can all use called “Person and Identity”. So much content is packed into this segment. Listen in, and share it with others!

Today we’re talking about our mission of evangelization, which just like Mary Magdalene, is a personal response to your encounter with Jesus. Have you thought about your encounter and how it can be shared with others? And if you haven’t experienced God’s love, now is your time!! No matter your past, God loves you deeply. And after you experience it, genuinely share your zeal with others.

What does it mean to register at your parish? Why is it valuable? Both Jo and John have been asked this question before, especially during sacramental prep. It has also been a topic of discussion amongst millennials. During today’s episode we provide some insight and understanding on why you should register today!


Jo’s away, and so John took over the podcast! Today he has special guests – Paul and Colleen Lum Lung. They shared stories about their devotion to Divine Mercy, it’s significance and how families can celebrate it, as well as their memory of crashing Fr Michael Gaitley’s ordination party.