With much of our city still under restrictions, what does that mean for Halloween? Jo and John discuss ideas and new ways to enjoy this annual tradition, including honoring the Saints.

We love game night! For Jo and John, it has been a great opportunity to step outside of their crazy life and reconnect with the family. In today’s episode they share some of their favorite games and memories, and why you too should carve out time each week for a personal hobby or a family fun night!

In followup to last week’s episode, Jo and John discuss the impact that corporal works of mercy make on the family, and their community. Between both episodes, there’s a necessary dualism that takes place of the soul and the body. Consider our suggestions or others so we can bring Jesus to others.

ep 29

There’s a difference between friendships before and after marriage. Things quickly begin to change. What’s to be expected and how do you navigate the waters are all a part of our conversations this episode. Listen in and if you want to share your feedback check out our Facebook and Instagram page!

For some of us, we will hold these memories with us FOREVER!! We’re talking potty training. If you haven’t done it yet, this episode will provide some tips and resources. If you’ve “been there, done that”, listen in and laugh along! Jo, John and Mandy will share their stories.

Is it really? Well, if we’re talking about how it feels to prioritize time for yourself when you’re busy carrying and providing for your family…then, YES! Jo and John have a honest conversation about time and terminology, and how strategic pause and silence can rejuvenate your soul.

ep 25

Jo is away. In substitution, Mandy Cox joins her husband, John, in the studio to discuss their experience with teaching sexuality to their children. They also share their childhood stories, as well as practical resources for Catholic families. Check out www.tobet.org!