Jo is away. In substitution, Mandy Cox joins her husband, John, in the studio to discuss their experience with teaching sexuality to their children. They also share their childhood stories, as well as practical resources for Catholic families. Check out!

In today’s episode we explain the story behind our podcast name. John and Jo also share their personal experiences of the cry room and the challenges that today’s young families face during Mass.

Today’s teens are experiencing so many struggles. Many are carrying the burdens of mental health, school and social pressures without the help of Jesus. Along with our special guest, Jo and John discuss a great book for teens and their parents to help them win it all for Christ!

Summer is a great time to clean up, get organized and be a part of transformations. Why not use a book to help you accomplish that in your life, and your faith? We are not talking about self-help books, although that has been Jo’s go-to for years; we’re talking about a spiritual book! Today, John shares his favorite book and why it’s a MUST READ for everyone!

episode 20

The summer is half over, and our teenagers need a little more guidance for activities and outlets for socialization. COVID-19 isn’t making it easier. Jo and John discuss their challenges and share how parents can use Proverbs to provide continued instruction and guidance.

A valid question most of us ponder is how do we get more youth involved in the Church? Father CJ returns and shares insightful considerations to help us create a more relational environment. He explains his perspective that many treat our faith like a business – something to be sold to others as a good, rather than an encounter to share. Listen in and be a part of our discussion!

As a parent have you ever made a quick decision, and then a few minutes or HOURS later you realized “whoa, whoa, whoa, what did I just do?” Jo and John discuss how the virtue of prudence can help us to make good decisions, and how fear can camouflage itself much differently.

A fun and candid conversation with newly ordained priest, Father CJ Mast. From mountain accident to homily development, Jo and John uncover his journey and plans for his first year as a priest.

In some way or another, we’ve all been affected by the recent injustice of George Floyd. We are conflicted with our response. Jo and John have a conversation with Deacon Dave Simonton to unpack Catholic teaching and our response to the issue.