With the receipt of our full building permit in May, our remodel is moving full speed ahead! Roofing material was delivered and work began on replacing our roof’s multi-layers requiring many hands, machinery and equipment. McCallin Hall, the Youth Center, the Padre and Lower Level have been stripped to the bare bones, exposing beams, wire, plumbing and electrical elements. The older trees in front of the Padre have been removed along with the old crumbling concrete to make room for our new elevator and patio. The north parking lot will be closed for part of the month of June for a trench to be dug for a new sewer line. Watch the bulletin for the dates and other details.

Thank you to all who have helped make this campaign a reality. If you have not yet made a pledge and would like to be part of this important remodel, please visit the Parish Office or call Dick Rapp at 303.770.1155.

As we all know, a successful project requires planning and preparation before we can actually begin. We have now reached the point in which the planning phase of our building renovation is complete and the preparation process has begun. During March, you may have noticed a few changes in the spaces to be renovated as we began to prepare for the remodel.

In the past month, many busy hands have been packing up boxes to move items that will be reused, giving away items no longer needed and discarding items beyond repair. Equipment and fixtures have been moved to storage to clear the rooms that will be renovated.

As part of our effort to find end-users for furniture and fixtures we will no longer be using, Christ in the City, missionaries for the homeless of Denver, was thrilled to receive the old oak pews used in the Padre for their new chapel. “The pews look amazing in the chapel,” Christ in the City Development and Volunteer Coordinator Rebecca Keeven commented. “The STM pews will make it possible for everyone to enjoy Mass together. Thank you!”

The High School Youth Center was the first space to be completely vacated. Worn, old, mismatched sofas and chairs salvaged from past garage sales and other items were carried out to the dumpster. A garage sale was held on March 18 & 19 to help move items that will no longer be used in the new space as well as giving our parishioners an opportunity to donate items to help the youth fund their upcoming mission trips and programs.

The rooms in the Lower Level under the Padre were the next space to be cleared out. The Discovery Job Network and the Knights of Columbus both vacated their meeting space and storage. Our Parish Library volunteers Ann Benson and Danette Johnson rearranged the library to accommodate the Gift Shop’s need for temporary storage. Several prayer groups and AA and Al Anon found new rooms and facilities to hold their meetings while we are under construction. Everything else has been moved out of the Lower Level, which will be the first space to begin demolition.

A portion of the equipment from The Padre kitchen that will be used during the renovation was relocated into the school kitchen, and the balance will be stored on campus. Without the necessary equipment for food preparation, the Knights of Columbus’ famous fish fries ended on March 24, the last parishioner morning coffee was sipped on March 25 and the last brunch in the old Padre restaurant was enjoyed on March 26. Easter Sunday Masses will be the last event to be held in McCallin Hall until the remodel is complete around Thanksgiving.

Mid-April, a portion of the north parking lot will be fenced off to accommodate construction equipment. You will also see a bit of activity right outside the entrance to the Gift Shop and Padre. A few of the older, unhealthy trees will be removed. A portion of the parking lot will also be removed to allow access to our existing sewer line which will be upgraded to meet the city’s requirements. Outside of the entrance a pit will be dug and reinforced with concrete to make room for our new elevator. Later in the project, the current Padre patio concrete and stairways will be replaced to create a wonderful gathering space to visit with friends and family. Watch the Sunday bulletin for details as the project unfolds.

If you have yet to make a pledge and would like to be part of the parish’s Renewing Our Heritage project, stop by the office or call Dick Rapp at 303.770.1155.