What are Bible Studies?

As the name describes a Bible study is just that, a structured study of the Bible. The more you read the Bible and see the profound unity of the scriptures centered around Jesus Christ, the deeper your faith will grow. Spending time in a Bible study is a valuable experience for everyone.


Current Bible Studies
Tuesday Morning Bible Study

Group Bible studies which include small group breakout sessions.  The studies are 8–12 weeks and are offered ongoing from September through May.

For more information and to register Click Here.


9:45–11:30am in McCallin Hall 1.

Cost: $22.00

Contact: John Cox

Materials are ordered based on enrollment so registration is necessary.

Wednesday Morning Bible Study

Small group Bible study.  Studies vary and are offered year round.

Topic: For more information on upcoming studies, please contact Colleen Golesh.


6:30–7:45am in Peregrine Hall (under the Padre)

Cost: $21.50

Contact: Colleen Golesh

People are welcome to join even if the start date has passed, please contact Colleen.

Saturday Morning Bible Study

Group study of Biblical books and topics which include Q & A and discussion. Moderator is Deacon Bob Cropp M.A. Biblical Theology, Augustine Institute.  The studies vary and are offered year round. Recent topics were “The Jewish Roots of the Eucharist”, “Mary in the Bible”, “Evangelization in the Acts of the Apostles”, “Jesus, Priest, Prophet and King”.

Saturdays ongoing

8:15–9:30am in the Padre

Contact: Deacon Bob Cropp