Thanksgiving is a great time to not only be thankful for our blessings, but to reminisce about our childhood. From making homemade stuffing to watching the annual parade to sharing the holiday with friends and family…we can all express gratitude about something. This is especially important this year, since many have struggled in one way or another.

During the last episode, we discussed grace from the sacrament of marriage. But why does our faith call us to follow a particular order, including marriage IN THE Church, rather than the beach or other locations? What does sex communicate to our spouse? Why is it good and necessary? Join Jo and John in today’s discussion.

ep 37

Jo and John discuss the feast of All Souls, and the importance of not only praying for our deceased loved ones, but keeping our children engaged in the faith so they can pray for us when we pass from this world. Do you doubt the existence of purgatory? There’s evidence from a museum that we can’t wait to share with you!


Irritations are riding high as we struggle to adapt to more changes and adjustments to our schedule. For most parents, they are frustrated with school, homework and not receiving the same output for the work they put in. Jo and John discuss this matter and share how God provides us hope if we seek his counsel and guidance, and take it just one day at a time.

With much of our city still under restrictions, what does that mean for Halloween? Jo and John discuss ideas and new ways to enjoy this annual tradition, including honoring the Saints.

We love game night! For Jo and John, it has been a great opportunity to step outside of their crazy life and reconnect with the family. In today’s episode they share some of their favorite games and memories, and why you too should carve out time each week for a personal hobby or a family fun night!

In followup to last week’s episode, Jo and John discuss the impact that corporal works of mercy make on the family, and their community. Between both episodes, there’s a necessary dualism that takes place of the soul and the body. Consider our suggestions or others so we can bring Jesus to others.