How many times as a parent do you use shortcuts? The alternative sounds exhausting and overwhelming, but it’s actually not. Venerable Fulton Sheen wrote a reflection on the three temptations of Jesus. In this episode we discuss how these temptations also affect parents. Some of us accept the temptation, which is actually a shortcut; we don’t want to have the hard conversations with our children. The easy button is not the solution. Join Jo and John for this great reflection in our Catholic faith.

The final two chapters of our book study is here! Today we discuss social influences. Those crowds and audiences we allow our children to hang with, as well as ourselves, can and will make an impact. How do we prevent those relationships from negativity affecting our family? How do we encourage our children to identify positive influences? This can be challenging, and Jo and John share their experiences with the topic. We are in this together! Let’s encourage one another!!


Social media- What began as a means to update your family and friends who live far away from you, is now a high tech sticker system for instant gratification. Why do we use it? How does it help us to be a saintly person? How does it support our children’s needs? Jo and John share what they’ve experienced with its use and management, as well as how we can help our children to use it and computers safely at home.

In today’s episode we talk about cellphones, and the controversy surrounding them. When do we give one to our kids? How do we control their limits and protect them from danger? There’s so much to navigate in this difficult topic, let Jo and John (and Dr Ray Guarendi) guide you!

Part 2 of our book study continues with our discussion about being a 1 in 100 parent, and how that means we have to do what’s right, even if it is in opposition to the opinions of the majority. How does socialization affect our decision? What about homeschooling? Listen in as Jo and John help you to feel empowered in this anti-parent culture!

Even Jo and John can use some helpful guidance in raising their kids in a culture that wants to water down their parental authority and wisdom. Today we are beginning a book study with “Raising Upright Kids in an Upside-Down World”, a book by Dr. Ray Guarendi. Over the next few weeks we will discuss it’s contents and hope you will follow along with us. So pick up a book today and join us!!

ep 45

Is loneliness a bad thing? For some, it is driven by FOMO (fear of missing out) and envy from what their peers are experiencing. For others, it is an absence of connecting to others through our senses. Jo and John break down this dilemma during Covid-19 and the holidays, and how we can use loneliness to further meditate with Christ since he also experienced loneliness.

In honor of the year of St. Joseph and in celebration of the feast of the Holy Family, we dedicate this episode to all of those who live ordinary, yet holy, lives. This is great timing as we approach Christmas in the next few days. Have you ever wondered why it was a manager in a stable that Jesus was born? Listen to Jo and John to find out!