I’m sure most of you are prepared for Christmas. If not, or your desperate for gift ideas for a teen in your life, listen in! Jo provides some ideas for both young men and women, with of course a little unexpected humor from John.

Thanksgiving is a time of giving thanks to all those we know, and how they’ve positively impacted our lives. We can’t be too serious on this podcast, so why not thank our kids for the ways we’ve been challenged as parents. This list is meant to make you smile and bring a little humor to your day.



We also further our boundary discussion by discussing the influence of friends – why it’s important as parents that we model this for our kids, and how social media plays a critical role. Are our teens finding authentic friendships? What are a few practical things that parents can do to encourage their teens to use discernment in their search for friends?

Have you established boundaries in your family? Boundaries are healthy for all relationships, especially with our teens. John shares a story about recent events in his life that empowered him and his wife to define and follow through with boundaries. It’s sometimes hard to follow through on consequences, but doing it together can strengthen your bond as a couple and reclaim your family.

If you haven’t been there yet, brace yourself! When it’s time to teach our teens to drive it can be overwhelming and stressful. It’s also difficult to release your control of the pedals!! Listen in as Jo and John share their stories and advice.



Raising teens is challenging. They have minds of a child and consequences of an adult. These critical years as a parent can be exhausting. Societal pressures, desires of the teen and FOMO take over. Reflecting on the Prodigal Son in scripture can provide us some wisdom and guidance to be ready and to go forward.